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How to Write a 400 Word Article In 7 Minutes Or Less... Including Research & Proof Reading!

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Dear Fellow Article Writer,

Did you watch the video above? It's hard to believe so many people would send me such raving, unsolicited testimonials about my product, "How to Write an Article in 7 Minutes or Less".

If you did watch the video, you saw with your own eyes how I was able to take people who spent more than an hour writing an article down to as fast as 5 minutes per article!

Would you like to experience the same results, without risking a penny? If so, then let me extend to you this unusual guarantee:

If you don't cut your current article writing time down by at least 65% in less than a week after trying my methods, then not only will I refund every single cent of your purchase...

I'll Give You DOUBLE
Your Money Back!

All you have to do is show me three articles you've written using my simple "7 minute formula" and tell me honestly that it didn't at least increase your article writing speed by 65% while still maintaining the same quality and...

I will give you double your money back.

Also, if for any reason at all you are unsatisfied, you can always ask me for a refund -- no matter what -- and I'll promptly and quietly return every penny you paid in full.

Either way you can't lose.

How I Stumbled Upon the
Secret for Writing Articles Quickly!

Not too long ago I earned my keep ghostwriting for internet marketers.

If you read articles, forum posts or follow the "gurus" in anyway, chances are you've read something ghostwritten by me.

I have written thousands of articles for my clients, and along the way discovered a simple process for generating content quickly for almost any topic.

Here's how it works.

    1. Open my 3 special research sites.

    2. Use my "skim and grab" research technique to find your
      3 main points (Takes about a minute).

    3. Outline each main point with two "sub points." (another minute here).

    4. Use the "opening paragraph" template to quickly create the first paragraph (About 30 seconds).

    5. Use the "main point" template to write paragraphs for each of your three main points. (2-4 minutes total time)

    6. Use the "conclusion paragraph" template to quickly create the conclusion. (another 30 seconds).

    7. Proof read your article, and then submit it to the appropriate directory. (1-2 minutes)

The cool thing about using these templates is you never have to pause to think... but... you also enough leeway so each article remains 100% unique, and of the highest quality.

Don't worry: My method has nothing to do with plagiarism!

Anyway, you can learn all about my 7 minute article technique by reading my special report, "How to Write an Article In 7 Minutes", and by watching the videos I made showing step by step how I do it.

But that's not all...

Here's What Else You'll Get!

#1. How To Turn 1 Article Into 8!

As a ghostwriter, I'd often find myself writing several articles around the same keyword or topic. Boring!

So here's what I did...

I went out and researched how to present the same information in different, unique ways. That's when I stumbled upon the 8 different presentation styles, which are...

1. Straightforward Style
2. FAQ Style
3. Quiz Style
4. Step by Step Style
5. Checklist Style
6. Mistakes Style
7. Story Style
8. Profession Style

What I discovered was by combining my 7 minute article writing formula with each of these presentation styles... I could...

Instantly Turn 1 Article
Into 8... Almost Effortlessly!

You know what this means, right? You only have to do the research one time!

Don't get me wrong... this does take a little bit more work than using an article spinner. But have you ever gotten any decent quality out of one of those things?

Surprisingly, most people who bought my 7 minute article package preferred the "turn 1 article into 8" technique over the 7 minute technique.

They'd tell me things like:

"You won't believe it Jason, but I cut my article writing time down from an hour to under 15 minutes the very first time I tried your system. But my favorite part of your ebook was your special report on turning 1 article into 8. I've never seen anything like it!"

Hilarious, huh?

Anyway, not only do I explain each of the 8 presentation styles to you, I give you actual real world examples of how I take 1 article and turn it into 8. I show you this both in a written PDF ebook as well with video.

How to Use a Sneaky NLP Tactic
to Go Into An Article Writing Frenzy

One timeI wrote for six hours straight... and enjoyed almost every minute of the process.

How's that possible?

It's all about what you focus on and what feelings you anchor to writing. By using special "neuro linguistic programming" technology, I was able to instantly be able to put myself into a writing frenzy... no matter what!

And I can show you how to do the same in three easy steps.

Warning: this technique is not for the squeamish.

I guess you could even call it "brainwashing". But I'd say you already brainwash yourself to feel a certain way about writing articles. Why not manipulate it so writing articles always brings you pleasure?

Now you can.

It works like this. Before changing negative associations toward writing, you first clear your mind of them. Now you have a "clean slate".

The next step is to associate massive pleasure with article writing. I have some simple questions and exercises you can perform to do that. This by itself will automatically make you a more productive and a better writer.

The final trick is to "Time Fold" so 1 hour feels like ten minutes. Don't worry, I'll show you how to do that as well.

Now here's the kicker: The first few times you do this NLP technique, it takes about 2-10 minutes. But after you do it a couple of times, it'll become "anchored". Then it only takes a few seconds to assume this "article writing" state at will.

Look, if a dog can learn how to do it (Pavlov) then you can learn how to do it, too.

#3. How to Use To Flush
Out Hundreds of Irresistible Article Headlines

Here are headlines I found in under 2 minutes using in a specific way:

"Sex Cuts Public Speaking Stress"
"Major Online Poker Room Caught Cheating"
"5 Movie Fighting Styles Too Awesome to Actually Exist"
"Miracle diet pill with teeny-tiny side effect"
"3 out of 4 women now prefer a plasma tv to a diamond..."

Question: How valuable would it be for you to find headlines like these in mere seconds?

I don't know if you're aware of this, but the most important part of your article is your headline.

4 out 5 people will use only your headline to determine if they're going to read your article.

So here's how you make your article titles irresistible. You get ideas by going through articles, and then "knocking them off" by slightly changing them and applying them to your topic.

it's easier to find a crowd and stand in front of them than to try to attract a crowd to come to you.

With article writing, it's better to find headlines for articles that are already grabbing people by the eyeballs than to come up with headlines off the top of your head.

After watching this special bonus video on using in a very specific way, you'll be creating better article headlines than ever before.

#4, 5 & 6. Mystery Bonuses!

I have several other little article marketing techniques and tools I've used over the years, and I've put each of these in their own report. So if you say yes today, I'll throw in three "mystery" bonuses.

Just call me santa claus.

So Why Are You Charging
So Little For All This?
Are You Crazy?

Actually, I'm not.

The reason I'm going to keep the price low is simply because it's a good business move.

Here's my thinking. if you buy something from me today and are completely blown away by it, how much more likely will you buy another one of my products?

Answer: Very likely!

With that in mind, I've decided I'm going to keep the price at a low $37 (for now).

Why do I consider this price "low"?

Think about it: how much money are you making with article marketing now? Well, what if you could get 65% more done with article marketing in the same amount of time?

I'm no Einstein, but even if you're only make $30 a week with article marketing, it'd take you about a week to recoup your initial investment... and two weeks to turn a profit.

Now, if you're making something like $1,000-$2,000 a month, then you can more than double that figure... and that's just from the main "How to Write an Article in 7 Minutes" report.

What if you also enjoyed writing articles more?

Not only would you profit financially, but the value of actually feeling good when you're working is worth more than any amount of money on God's green earth. that's what you'll learn with the "frenzy mindstate" NLP technique.

Finally, what if you used my headline technique to get 33% more people reading each of your articles?

The fact is, any single trick in itself is more than enough to make you five to ten times your investment back... in just a few days!

And when you combine all these tricks together... Well, I'll let you do the math on that one.

Don't Forget My
Special Guarantee!

My "Double Your Money Back" Guarantee!

If you don't cut your current article writing time down by at least 65% in less than one week, then not only will I refund every single cent of your purchase... I'll give you DOUBLE your money back.

All you have to do is show me three articles you've written using my simple "7 minute formula" and tell me honestly that it didn't at least increase your article writing speed by 65%... while still maintaining the same quality... and I will give you double your money back.

And of course if for any reason at all you are unsatisfied, you can always ask me for a refund -- no matter what -- and I'll promptly and quietly return every penny you paid in full.

Here is Everything You Get!

How to Write An Article In 7 Minutes Or Less PDF Ebook

How to Write an Article in 7 Minutes Or Less Video Guide

Video Example of Me WRITING An Article In Less Than 7 Minutes

How to Turn 1 Article Into 8... Instantly! PDF Ebook (Includes 8 articles, so you can see exactly how it's done)

Video on How to Turn 1 Article Into 8... (With Real World Examples!)

Article Marketing Research Video -- How to Do Your Research In 2 Minutes Or Less (With Real World Examples!)

The Article Marketing Headline Technique VIDEO

How to Go Into An Article Writing Frenzy! PDF Ebook

3 Mystery Bonuses

Free Lifetime Updates -- This is the 3rd Time I've updated this package... And I have more updates planned in the future!

Can You Afford To Pass
On These Article
Marketing Secrets?

Listen. You can continue writing articles the old, slow, painful way.

But what if there was a simple way to double your results... with half the effort? Just think how much extra work you'd continue doing if you didn't know that one little piece of information.

Well, my article writing reports have several little tid-bits of info that will do just that. And when you combine them all together... well, it's nothing short of amazing.

So What Will it Be?

Yes, Please Give Me INSTANT ACCESS So I, too, Can Write Articles In 7 Minutes or Less!

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I understand I'll be downloading your entire Article Marketing Package for just $37 when I act now!

I also realize I have nothing left to lose, since you're generous enough to offer me a 30-day money-back guarantee if I don't make significant improvements in my article writing efforts.

Important: Be sure to click on "return to merchant" after purchasing and you'll be taken straight to the download page.

Listen, I kept the price low for a reason.
I want you to become one of my successes, and I want you to have access to the blueprint that will change your life! So, if money is tight...

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Because my article marketing tactics are just that powerful!

So Order now…while it's still hot on your mind!

P.S. Using these article marketing tactics, I was able to quit my job and make over $60 an hour as an internet ghostwriter. Besides that, It's also allowed me to launch entire businesses within the span of two days, and most importantly has taken all the frustration out of making money online. It's made my whole business run a LOT smoother. Would you like to do the same? It's possible if you order today!

P.P.S. One more very important thing. In case you're STILL on the fence about this, I'm going to throw in a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied in anyway, I'll gladly refund your money—no questions asked! That's how confident I am that this system will take your internet marketing business to the next level…like it has mine!! So what are you waiting for…order today!